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Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:31 pm


Name: Lost Souls Guild

Etymology: The Lost Souls Guild gained its name by the fact that Yethorian and a few others created the guild to help outcasts like himself and the others that had joined him. Taking in any and all outcasts he formed this guild and gave them a family as well as jobs and a place to just have fun.

Heraldry:Lost Souls Guild 395953_10151169209755917_1007120581_n

Hierarchy: (From highest rank to lowest)
Guild master
Co-guild master
Guild assassins
Soul Hunters (4 only)
Guild Sentinel

Founder: Yethorian Dravinas

Current Leader: Yethorian Dravinas

Members: No other members currently

General Info:

Location: Lost souls is located on the north-eastern edge of a large city called Eujamore. (Map will be posted in reference section, castle area is where guild location is)

Type of Guild: Magic guild (Mostly magic users and casters, but has melee fighters as well.)

Divisions and Offices:

The Guild master is the head of the guild, while the co-guild masters are there to assist the guild master with tasks, such as taking care of the members, paying the members, getting jobs for the guild, and advertising the guild to the public.

The Guild Assassins are just that, assassins for the guild they usually take on the toughest jobs/quests as well as kill whomever they need to or are assigned to kill by the guild master. The Guild Assassins are hardly deployed unless there is a true emergency.

The Soul Hunters are a group of 4 members that have been given that rank/title because of their effort and accomplishments within the guild. These members also take on the harder quests/jobs as well and also help and mentor the new recruits.

Rank, Reputation, & Advancement:

To advance in rank is simple with the Lost Souls Guild, you must complete jobs/quests and gain the guild and co-guild masters favor, you must also prove yourself in a sparring match with either the Guild master or the co-guild masters as well. These trials will get harder depending on the rank you have or obtain.


Speak with the co-guild masters or the Guild master himself within the guild hall and state your reason that you wish to join the guild, if it suits the guild master or co-guild masters you maybe accepted.


— Allies: None so far

— Enemies: Black Dragons
— Neutral Parties: Weapons of Devotion

Agenda: The agenda of the Lost Souls is to become one of the most well known guilds in the lands of Zioria and to be the strongest guild as well.

Background: Yethorian worked with a team of three other members completing jobs and quests that nobody else wanted to do, take, or were too scared to take as well. They completed these quests and gained their pay doing this but nobody ever really took recognition of these deeds that were being done and the group decided they would create a group that could do the same things that these four had been doing but to give the group a name and pondered on that name till they came up with the guild. But before all of that Yethorian used to work alone pulling jobs left and right to gain money his reputation never rose and he never became well known or anything but he didn't really care about that at that time, he just wanted to help others and get paid as well. Then after years he had run into another man doing the same stuff he was and eventually the group came into being.

Recent Events: Finding members for their guild to get them rolling and gaining a reputation.
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