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Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Sun Jun 17, 2018 7:13 pm

This template came from a fellow roleplayer who's ideas have been a great help and inspiration to me. I know him as Valucre. Please check out his forum as well.

Name: A-duh?

Etymology: History of their name, an obvious thing: Why this name?

Moniker: If applicable as groups of people often times earn namesakes such as the “so so and so of Terrenus” this would simply be used if they have an acquired name.

Heraldry: A visual representation of the group, a symbol / kanji / doodle / etc.

Hierarchy: Self-explanatory

Founder: The man / woman who created the group.

Current Leader: Assuming the man / woman who founded it is no longer there, who leads?

Members: Everyone else, can be then assigned other titles, ie: Frasier Crane, Right Hand.


Location: Region / City that they have their headquarters, can also be expanded to cover places where potential outposts are being set up, so long as they have a hold there it applies.

Type of Guild: Normal guild, Magic, Dark, etc.

Divisions and Offices:

Further detail and fleshing out the hierarchy.

Rank, Reputation, & Advancement:

How to advance in rank.


How to sign-up


— Allies: Drinking buddies.

— Enemies: Kill!

— Neutral Parties: People who are on good terms, but not likely to provide an aid.

Agenda: The mission statement of the group, what they hope to accomplish and how they hope to do it, as well as anything that applies to codes and etiquettes for potential members.

Background: This should predate the founding, perhaps provide insight as to why.

Recent Events: Things being done now during the current era of their group.

Note: The guild type say magic user guilds, they are mostly made up of magic user types but others are able to join even if they have no real magic. Dark guilds are guilds mostly filled with villainous types but can also have magic users or even normal fighters. Even a normal guild can have magic users but most of their fighters are melee style fighters some with power and others without.
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