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Orcs:The Scourge of Man Empty Orcs:The Scourge of Man

Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:55 pm

Orcs- Rarity: Common
Danger Level:High
Common location: Mostly desert areas or wastelands

Sub-Category Types

(may be in clans)

Pale skins (Common)
Green skins (Common)
Frost Orcs (Common)
Black skin Orcs (Common)
Red bloods (Common)
Half Orcs

Orcs just like all humanoids stand upright, due to their size they seem to hunch over. Most male orcs have what most would call tusks, the woman have the same stature as males and muscle tone as well but smaller tusks compared to the males of the species. Orcs showcase their raw power in clan clashes or bouts against one another to see who is superior. The male who wins a bout against the current chieftan is normally considered the new chieftan. Females are tasked with most of the menial work such as clothes, cooking, dishes, etc, while the males form hunting parties and raid parties to attack or even just hunt other beings or animals.

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