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Dragons: Legends of the Skies Empty Dragons: Legends of the Skies

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Danger Level:Legendary
Places found: Location dependent on type, mostly mountainous regions

Known Types:

Red Dragon- Classification: Normal (Legendary)
Black Dragon- Classification: Noxious (Legendary)
Green Dragon- Classification: Healing/self-healing (Legendary)
Blue Dragon- Classification: Frost (Legendary)
Skeletal Dragon- Classification: Doom (Slow killing) (Legendary)
Bronze Dragon- Classification: Lightning (Legendary)
Topaz Dragon- Classification: Super heated light (Legendary)
Silver Dragon- Classification: Petrification (Legendary)
Platinum Dragon- Classification: Acid and paralysis (Legendary)

Dragons are by all means normally creatures of habit, they express an aptitude for greed rarely seen amongst any living creature basis and they invariably indulge in a fondness for hording treasures. They are a race of beings who's sheer size and raw physical power strike both fear and a sense of awe in those whom are the lesser in the face of their grandiose legend. These gargantuan beasts rule their respective domains with the will of a tyrant but in their younger hatchling years they are far more susceptible to the schemes of the atrocious humanoid types. Their scales which are considered by some to be one of the most unyielding recipients of an utterly impenetrable fortification of a battle tested unknown material composition. These immensely dense armaments are a great advantage for the species as many projectile weapons and combative weapons cannot pierce their scales let alone the tough hide that takes residents underneath, these protections further implicate a typically valiant yet futile attempt of those who specialize in melee fighting and close quarters combat forcing the brave combatant to have to get close enough which often ends in the said fighter digging their own grave. No man has been known to take one down outside of the various heroic and epic tales of falsehood that one might spread to further his or her own gains being that the sheer scale of these legendary beasts make a single handed victory virtually impossible for those who attempt to bring the beast down.

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