Werebeasts: Diseased Shifters

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Werebeasts: Diseased Shifters Empty Werebeasts: Diseased Shifters

Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Mon Jun 18, 2018 1:34 pm

Werebeasts- Rarity: Common to Legendary
Danger Level: Extremely High to Legendary
Common location: Dependent on Werebeast

Sub-category Type
Werewolf (Common)
Werejackal (Rare)
Weredog (Common)
Werecat (Common)
Werelion (Uncommon)
Weretiger (Rare)
Werewildcat (Uncommon)
Wereboar (Uncommon)
Werefox (Uncommon)
Wereagle (Rare)
Wereshark (Rare)
Weresnake (Rare)
Werebear (Common)
Wereram (Uncommon)
Werebull (Rare)
Weresheep (Uncommon)
Werehorse (Rare)
Werestag (Uncommon)
Wereape (Common)
Werebadger (Uncommon)
Weredragon (Legendary)


Werebeasts can change form according to a cycle, some with the moon and others almost when they feel threatened or endangered. Some werebeasts are unpredictable after their transformation into their bestial forms, others are sometimes more passive and will flee. Yet all known encounters of werebeasts are of the most common variety which is werewolves or better known as Lycanthropes, but those encounters have always ended more in death or the changing of the person attacked. As a caution steer clear of any Werebeast do not allow yourself to be injured by such a creature or you maybe inflicted with the werebeasts disease.

Werebeasts: Diseased Shifters Werebe10
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