Undead: The Rotten Horde

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Undead: The Rotten Horde Empty Undead: The Rotten Horde

Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:37 am

Rarity: Uncommon to Epic
Danger level: Threat to Extremely High
Location: Roaming (Never seen during daylight)

Sub-category Type:

Vampire (Uncommon)
Ghoul (Uncommon)
Lich (Rare)
Wraith (Rare)
Ghost (Uncommon)
Banshee (Uncommon)
Revenant (Rare)
Wight (Uncommon)
Skeleton (Uncommon)
Mummy (Uncommon)
Shadow Person (Uncommon)
Reaper (Epic)

Some Undead creatures are of low intellect and you can easily avoid them, others are of higher intellect or extremely high intellect and will find ways to try and kill you. One of the more common dangerous undead are the vampires, due to the near superior intellect they possess. Another of the more dangerous ones is also one of the most rare to see and that is the Reaper. Reapers are always looming and you only see them near death if you do see one when you are alive and healthy then just know you are bound to die.

Undead: The Rotten Horde Undead10
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