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Name: Yethorian Yggdrasil Dravinas
Race: Wolgonian
Guild: Lost Souls
Date of Birth: Unknown
Appearance Age: 25
Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 215 Lbs
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Silverish-white almost like platinum
Eye Color: Standard eye color is Emerald green but changed depending on his mood.
Marital Status: Single
Demonic Appearance: Yeth has six large wings on his back that fold almost like a cape, he has 4 horns atop his head two of which curl slightly downward. He has a dragon like tail and wolflike ears in his half demon form. His feet look like that of a wolf and his hands are talon-like like a dragon.
General Appearance: He has silverish-white hair and scars covering most of his body, emerald green eyes, a black dragon tattoo on the back of his neck, and a noticeable X shaped scar on his chest and three scars over his right eye. (first picture)
Likes: Yeth likes being by the lake and training to always improve himself. He loves to eat a ton especially after training.
Dislikes: Yeth dislikes anyone who owns slaves and seeing them locked away. He hates servantry as well, seeing people doing things for others around the house is irritating to him especially since the people can do those things on their own.
Strengths: He is faster than most demons and stronger as well. He can hide his aura and power very well due to training over the years.
Weaknesses: He is highly vulnerable to demonic made weapons because they stop him from regenerating. He seems to be unemotional at times and has a thirst for blood at times as well because he had lost his soul.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
General Personality: Yeth is a calm, level-headed individual at most times unless he sees slaves or servants. He is semi-emotionless due to his lack of soul but that is only because he is a demon. Overall, he is a great person and looks out for others.
Demonic Power: Fire, Ice, Earth, Water, Air, lightning, blood magicks (only involving his own blood), Necromancy, one move that is never to be used.
Skills: Sword mastery, dagger mastery, Polearm mastery, Blacksmithing, Armoursmithing, Demon forging (enhancing weapons with demon power)
Unique Traits: He has a wrap on his right arm which he considers to be his cursed arm and it keeps its demonic form no matter what form he is in.
Bio:Yeth was born to a demon named Servantes, who's power is sealed within his body. He was taken in by Drake Dravinas III and raised as royalty. He has 2 brothers Drake IV and Skye (twin). He hates Drake IV for lying to every demon telling them Yethorian killed their father when it was Drake IV himself that killed him. So Yethorian was banished and cursed to the human realm. This is now where he stays with a black dragon tattoo curse mark on the back of his neck. Yethorian also created the Lost Souls guild with a group of friends whom were all outcasts and stayed with the guild while the others traveled and some died others are now in locations unknown to the guilds master.

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