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Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:50 pm

Name: What is your character's full name?
Appearance Age: How old does your character look?
Race: What he/she is per se human, elf, halfling, etc.
Guild: Which of the Guild the character resides/is sided with?
Height: What is the height of your character?
Weight: What do they weight?
Sex: Male, Female, etc.
Hair Color: Describe their hair color.
Eye Color: Describe their eye color.
Marital Status: If you are single or married, divorced or widowed, etc
Demonic Apperance: Describe your characters horns, as well as any other changes to their physical appearance from a normal human. Did they gain a tail, claws, cloven feet, or small wings? (If demon)
General Appearance: This is where you describe your character as a whole. Describe everything above, and paint a clear image of your character using your words and detail.
Strengths: What they are good at or what makes them so tough.
Weaknesses: What harms them or what they suck at.
Likes: What things does your character like? These can range from foods, to places, to just about anything at all.
Dislikes: Once again, the opposite of the above. They can be just as varied.
Habits: Does your character have any personal habits? Maybe a speech impediment or a nervous twitch, or perhaps they're very religious or say a special mantra or phrase often.
Sexual Orientation: This one should be pretty self explanatory. Maybe your character is hetero, or bisexual, or something different all together?
General Personality: Describe your character's personality to the best of your ability. Remember to mention anything above and how it influences them.
Demonic Power or Magicks (Please specify which): Demons all have a singular or multiple power(s) granted to them during life. For many, this will be the ability to use a specific type of magick or multiple magicks, but will first need instruction and training to use it. Some, however, gain  different abilities, such as summoning a familiar, speaking to monsters, or immunity to fire, to name a few. (Again if Demon)
Skills: Anything your character does specifically well such as making armour, swords, or even using specific weapon types.
Unique Traits: This is something unique to your character, such as maybe an allergy, a phobia or scars, tattoos and the like. Maybe you're left handed?
Bio: What they have done in their life and how they were raised up till now (current age).
Pic: (if you want)
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